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Points of Pain

Customer Struggle Causes


"Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough." - Mark Zuckerberg


When you are moving fast with high reliance on website traffic, there are many things that break and unexpectantly go wrong creating a painful customer experience.

The table below provides a comprehensive summary of what can go wrong.

To address these issues, Customer ER monitors your customer interactions using sophisticated, machine learning algorithms coupled with visualization tools that support good old human intelligence.

Don't be afraid to Go Fast.

Just be prepared.

Sources Of Customer Struggle

QUESTION: Why do you need to continuously monitor your website?


ANSWER: A website is a living entity, constantly changing, ingesting new information and new visitors from new sources. Opinions, actions, and expectations are all changing without correction and adaptation. Customer experiences (CX) can quickly turn negative, and conversion rates could drop along with sales and revenue.

The following table illustrates a short-list of things that can go wrong, creating struggles for your customers (existing and prospective) who visit your website. Common issues such as Design can be tested and resolved with a "Single Fix". Other issues tend to be Intermittent and/or Reoccuring. 


Learn how to manage your customer struggles

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