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Customer Diagnostics

Customer treatment plans that work!


One of our most successful customer diagnostics and treatment plans integrates the technology from SessionCam. Customer ER is a Premier US Partner of SessionCam.

SessionCam collects and records all website activity to cloud-based servers and provides real-time data that models visitor behavior.


The creation of an Insight Report identifies "Actionable Items". This includes struggle pages, errors and key journeys to identify issues and areas where there are opportunities to improve the UX/UI. 


Capitalizing on Insights and/or correcting problems will lead to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.


Historically 23% first-year increase in conversion


Customer Struggle Score Detection Scale


Page Level Detail


The SessionCam Insight Report identifies Revenue at Risk ($) as it assembles information from:

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Error Detection

  • Struggle Detection

  • Anomaly Detection

Customer Journey Mapping ​

Customer Journey Mapping is a SessionCam feature that automatically detects and compares visitor routes through a website to identify the most profitable paths to purchase.


Error Detection

Error Detection is a feature where SessionCam exposes the most costly website error messages. Error Detection is updated automatically each day, displaying the errors that have the most impact on the user experience.

Struggle Detection

Struggle Detection uses a SessionCam, proprietary machine-learning algorithm. It automatically identifies and measures the areas of a website which cause frustration by calculating a Customer Struggle (CS) score for user behavior on each page and for each session.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection is a feature in which SessionCam identifies the most important issues and automatically generates a daily list of conversion opportunities.  The opportunities identified are prioritized by the total lost revenue associated with each issue. This means you can immediately focus on the most costly and important issues.


Revenue at Risk Identified

Stunning Interactive Visualizations

Where do your customer problems exist on your website?

Our 3D interactive tool maps the structure of your website, letting you explore the problem areas with color-coded and size-coded nodes. You’re able to quickly identify the pages with the highest amount of Customer Struggle and Revenue at Risk.


Knowing What To Do

There can be a lot of dynamics when managing your Customers' healthy experiences. While the SessionCam provides an intuitive, interactive dashboard, CustomerER provides stunning interactive visuals and guidance through a monthly Executive Report.


Your personalized update will highlight pertinent observations regarding your Customer's points of pain, and provide recommendations for resolution.

Some issues may require a deeper investigation beyond your resource allocation. No worries there. We will be available to help explore and understand your Customer’s struggles, offering more recommendations for resolution.


Best of All


Contact either of us today to set up an appointment for a 20-minute online demonstration, or to learn more on how to Save Your Customers and optimize conversion.

Brent J. Dreyer


Managing Partner

Justin Hobbs


Head of Global Partnerships

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